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                DAK Associates Believes That if you Plan on Living in Your Future, Your Future Needs to Have a Plan

                Reach Your Financial Goals Towards Retirement, or During Retirement.

                Create Wealth That Will Impact Your Future and Your Next Generation.

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                Specializing in Financial Planning, Annuities, Insurance, Retirement Plans, Pre-planning (Trust or Estate Planning), Group Health and Insurance, Wealth Management, Disability and More

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                Financial Planning is a Revolution in Your Life

                Now and For Generations to Come!


                Our Professionals provide professional financial planning services and information for your current and future needs. We specialize in many areas, including personal, business and retirement planning, insurance (life, long-term, disability, dental, optical and group coverage plans), investment reviews, annuities, trust and estate planning, preplanning (wills and trusts), wealth management, home purchase planning, college planning, credit consulting and much more.


                Our Professionals believe that your future needs to have a solid plan to reach your personal and business goals.


                We aim to build your trust, confidence and friendship as we help to provide you the power of financial freedom, security and a pathway to independent living.


                Our Professionals will help you reach your financial goals towards retirement, during and after retirement by creating wealth that will impact your life and your next generation.


                Please feel welcome to contact us by phone or email and tell us your needs and know we are here to help answer any of your questions.


                Planning is more than just a ‘Resolution’ in your life, it’s a ‘Revolution,’ that has the power of financial freedom, security and is the pathway to independent living, now and for generations to come.


                You’ve worked hard and saved diligently throughout your career. Now you deserve to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor…

                Have you considered the possibility that your retirement savings may not sustain the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of?

                We can help provide assess your current situation and help you make the best sound financial decisions.


                • Calculate the Cost of Retirement
                • Invest for Growth Potential, Income, and Stability
                • Manage Taxes and Defend Against the Effects of Inflation
                • Allocate your Assets to Match your Investment Profile and Goals
                • Potentially Avoid Common Pitfalls Faced by Today’s Retirees


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